Who Are We?

My name is Dr. Nicole Ray. I was born and raised in New Jersey and have spent most of my adult life as a Washington, DC resident. My first career is in Dentistry but I ventured into the CBD industry after successfully treating my own insomnia and managing pain of a broken ankle two years ago. CBD has changed my life and I am excited to share such amazing products with friends, family members and loyal customers...Thanks for stopping by!
My name is James W. Preston II, I’m a native of Washington,DC and advocate of medical hemp in the form of CBD. I’m a entrepreneur co-owning my 1st CBD retail wellness center by the name Hemp Haven Wellness Center and I’m also certified  by the Maryland Department Of Transportation as a MBE in food services. I first started using CBD to help with my insomnia and anxiety. I’ve always had a problem sleeping as a teenager and even now more as an adult.
I believe with the aid of CBD there will be less over indulging in opioids. My father is a stage four prostate cancer survivor/retired Vietnam Veteran. He uses CBD oil on a consistent basis to help aide his insomnia, ptsd and nausea. With more research and studies I believe CBD will be the wave of the future.....